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    Guangdong Shengda Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, has been the development of three large-scale production base. The company mainly produces sales of drinking water, drainage, underground communication dedicated PVC-U and power for PVC-C pipe, HDPE high-density polyethylene pipes and PP-R water pipes and fittings. Products are widely used in residential construction, communications, electricity and municipal engineering and other industries. In 2003 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, in 2009 through the national QS quality certification and won the Guangdong Province, "the contract and keeping promises" the title of the company has advanced production equipment and improve the management system, technical force Habitat domestic advanced level, Products through the National Supervision and Testing Center of plastic products testing, all kinds of technical indicators have reached the national standard. Companies adhering to the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development," the business principles, and pursuing a people-centered principle, the attitude of integrity, first-class product quality and quality service to our customers and common development

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    address:Room 301, ultrasonic building, no.9, science and technology east road, high-tech zone,

    shantou city, guangdong province

    Call the head office:400-838-1218、0754-88990189、0754-88990186

    The head office fax the phone:0754-88990187

    Shantou office contact number:0754-88338199、0754-88338099

    Shantou office facsimile telephone:0754-88339299


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